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CKDU radio show links

Want to listen to our NSCAD Basic Sound radio show, "Audiophilia?"

Entire Show:*
http://ckdu.dal.ca/20050627.00.00-03.15.mp3 (link)

Just my rant and piece:
http://ckdu.dal.ca/20050627.00.38-00.44.mp3 (link)

Just the part where I play "Subliminal":
http://ckdu.dal.ca/20050627.02.27-02.32.mp3 (link)

Best bet: Copy and paste the links into an audio player like WinAmp or Windows Media Player, which tends to produce more consistent results than just clicking on the links.

Have fun!
* - Contains the last few minutes of the previous show, included because he plays a song by one of my classmate's roommate's. Actually, there's another reason, too... =)

(links to "Wrong Planet" video coming soon)

Tags: audio art, ckdu, music, nscad
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