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don't let it get away

Wow, yesterday and the day before were beautiful. Just freakin' beautiful.

We went to see Sahara on Saturday night - it was awesome! It's just a great adventure movie. They don't make enough of them these days.

Or you could just go see it for Penelope Cruz. Actually, I had forgotten who she was. The name didn't mean that much to me except that I had heard it before. Not so after the movie! Mmmmmm!

I had a dental appointment today. Got my teeth cleaned and whatnot. No cavities! I've never, ever, had a cavity. I must admit, this is due to genetic fortune more than dental diligence. I rarely floss, and I only brush before social occasions. However, my saliva is so acidic that I don't develop cavities. My major concern is my lower fangs which have a tendency to get kind of plaqued-up. Today they gave me a special bent brush to help with that. And I should floss more, naturally. At least it can be done while watching television.

I can't wait for the long summer days in Halifax. Anyone still remember this? There were many more, and they were all pretty great. It won't be long now.
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