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A funny Christmas meme stolen from Shizzy

Sorry about the lack of full cut-age, but I think this deserves to be displayed.
xmas party at nova_one's house!!

nova_one</strong> drank 8 coffee liqueurs, 7 poteens, 4 aligator bites, 3 white russians, 11 pulques and 13 brandys.

nova_one</strong> new livejournal handle is nova_one</strong>_is_a_rotten_old_drunk.

To say that nova_one</strong> loves alcohol is like saying the Pet Shop Boys love cock. Oh-la-la!

shizzlystyx</strong> drank 4 aligator bites, 2 sambuccas, 12 coffee liqueurs, an everclear, 3 absinthes and 12 white russians.

During a somewhat turbulent game of scrabble shizzlystyx</strong> told nintu</strong> to "Fuck your triple word score, yer daft mongoose bastard!" before pelting them with the plastic letters.

frontlinerocker</strong> drank 12 sambuccas, 5 white wines and 15 champagnes.

nintu</strong> drank a mint julep, 14 brandys, 6 ciders, a white wine and 3 white russians.

_juju_</strong> drank 3 aligator bites, 11 tequilas, 5 cosmopolitans and 5 vodkas.

fawnzie</strong> drank 7 mint juleps and 14 ciders.

carrieko</strong> drank 13 cognacs and 8 rums.

ultimategenius</strong> drank 6 goldschlagers, a white wine and 8 lagers.

betelgeuse5</strong> drank 15 lagers.

Whats this? Someone left a note on the TV - it reads "Dear nova_one</strong>
        your party was a crock of shite - it really was awful. Ta for nowt".


Xmas Party?


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