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photos from the exchange!

Hi everyone!

I'm pleased to report that there are now pictures from the exchange available for your viewing pleasure! Right now they're password-protected, but this will probably change after the exchange is over. I just don't want anyone getting into any trouble for any parties that might have gone on... =)

The URL: http://www.willmatheson.com/photos/ps19_fin
Username: nicsnic
Password: billybob

Feel free to share the password with any of our mutual friends whom I may be forgetting to notify, especially the ones who don't read my journal religiously. =)

So I'm just finishing up some stuff at Cool Aid tonight, my goal being to leave them self-sufficient, website-wise. Even so, I'd better give them my cell number in Ukraine when I get one! =)

I'm also really really nervous now for some reason. I guess the fact that I'll be in Edmonton in four days has something to do with it. Wow. OMG OMG OMG

Take care,
- William
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