William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

So I'm sitting here in the van on Ahern Avenue. I've just had a lovely nap on the back seat, and now I think I'll quit procrastinating and read that borrowed book I haven't touched for many days. It's one thing to say you're reading Shakespeare; it's quite another to actually turn the pages of a Hamlet text that's seen better days, complete with not-very-helpful notes and falling pages. (Where's my thesaurus when I need it?) I could go to Saint Mary's and waste time, but I must conserve fuel and money. At least I get paid tomorrow, and my bills are all settled. I'm hungry. I wonder what Polonius would say about all this. Oh, did I tell everyone that I passed my medical? Furthermore, the panacea for my ear will be some olive oil, a cotton ball, and a hot water bottle. New observation: when you can't type at a mile-a-minute, your life seems that much more mundane as it is slowly parsed through a numeric keypad. I think that's a good closing note, except that I ought to (and mean to) say... and now I haven't spa
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