William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

BC 99 - must see!

It's wayyyy past sensible people's bedtimes, and I've got an solar-observing astronomy lab to go to tomorrow (weather permitting), and yet thanks to a link in an e-mail I've spent the last hour watching road videos, starting with this one:

BC 99 North, Sea-to-Sky Highway, North Vancouver To Squamish

You must see this in HD - I've even linked it that way. Just awesome.

I'd be tempted to make these myself except that I don't have a HD camcorder, and that is an essential ingredient. The sped-up HD, good weather, and good music mixed in is what makes these videos great. (I made a playlist and will be adding videos of similar quality to it, provided I can find other auteurs interested in Canada whose game is as good as this guy's!)

I know I've outed myself as a total nut now, but whatever. ;-)
Tags: roads, video
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