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Letter Grades at Saint Mary's

Okay, let's see what the letter grades here actually mean. I always get frustrated when I get really specific questions about this but can't really remember how the points and percentages line up!

So to solve this frustration, I'll return to / refer to this page when I need to answer that question. You can, too! The URL is http://snipurl.com/smugrades

So here it goes, straight from page 35 of the 2009-2010 Academic Calendar, Undergraduate Programs:

Undergraduate Rating, Grades and Grade Points
Grades Grade Points Percentage Points Rating
A+ 4.30 90-100 Excellent
A 4.00 85-89
A- 3.70 80-84
B+ 3.30 77-79 Good
B 3.00 73-76
B- 2.70 70-72
C+ 2.30 67-69 Satisfactory
C 2.00 63-66
C- 1.70 60-62
D 1.00 50-59 Marginal Pass
F 0.00 0-49 Failure
IP - - (in progress)
AE - Pass Aegrotat
W - - Withdrawal

It's also worth noting that Science majors and Honours require a C or better in all courses required in the subject. So here's hoping none of us get stuck with a C- in General Chemistry I! ;-) (Not that I want to major in chemistry, but I'd like to be able to.)

Happy Holidays,
- Will
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