William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

driving me crazy

Yeah, I just needed a little time to vent.

Honestly, I'm not twisted enough to think that getting a speeding ticket is an exemplar of the classic struggle of the individual against The Man. Driving too fast doesn't make me a martyr. At the very least, it makes me an idiot.

On a related topic, call me a narcissist, but I don't like the scrutiny that I'm under when I drive. I mean, whether I'm coming to stone-cold stops at the lines or not - either way pisses somebody off.

Of course, having rules and enforcing them is completely necessary - it's a clear safety issue. Maybe I disagree with some of the particulars, but in the end we all need safe roads.

Fuck city driving, though. Not doing this next year - no way, no how.
Tags: driving
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