William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

from bad to worse

Lemon-aid could be right... maybe the Internet is the worst place to look.

Wow, an '04 Accord in Halifax for only $2890! Leather seats and only 48,700 miles?! Just look for the house in Kingswood with the palm trees.

This is definitely bullshit, too.

Well, I thought Kijiji was bad, but Craigslist is worse. Things like this that require patience make me want to give up. Paul warned me off pursuing a Mercury Cougar I was looking at - I didn't like the fact that it had been kept in a heated garage (actually bad for this climate and our salted roads) and he didn't like the fact that it had nearly 300,000 kilometres on it. Anyway, I put a call in to a mechanic I know and I'm going to start IRL networking. Could still yet happen.
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