William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

Shopping Rain Adventure

Well, today was a pretty crappy day to be outside, but Paul and I went out anyway and I managed to get some shopping done for my own part.

That girl* at The Tower was wise to suggest Wal-Mart...

* - I mean, a woman, really, but saying "That woman" seems so staid. Or even vindictive: "That woman stole my car!" So I regret that I will have to make the stylistic decision to sometimes refer to grown women 35-and-under as girls. After that I'll switch to lady. There's a double standard: if someone besides a girlfriend were to call me a boy, it would sound a bit odd. Fortunately, I can be referred to as a guy. And so can girls, but by appellation, not by reference. I guess I could say, "That gal at The Tower," but that's a little bit homely even for me. What do you guys think?

Anyway, I got all kinds of stuff there, including:

- 3 workout-grade shirts (I almost bought 3 shiny very-short-sleeved shirts masquerading as outer shirts. They might have done.)
- 3 workout-grade shorts (I almost bought 3 shiny long johns masquerading as workout pants. They would have been severely embarrassing.)
- 6 pairs of workout-grade men's anklet socks (I always pull my socks up all the way and if I'm wearing shorts it looks ridiculous. This solves that problem nicely.)
- 4 workout-grade boxer shorts
- a pair of relatively inexpensive Dr. Scholl's moisture-wicking shoes with "NON-MARKING" written on the bottoms (Very comforting, this, if anyone should ever accost me. I can just show off my soles with confidence!)

and various and sundry other items... Boy, I hope I stick with this! ;-) But yeah, the biggest reason why I haven't worked out? I didn't have all the gear! Ya gotta have the gear. Can't work out in a cotton t-shirt and blue jeans. Or jean shorts (though I did in Ukraine). Or cotton sweat pants or shorts from when you were a kid, covered with lint pills. And definitely not in glorified wife-beater-and-long-johns, like I almost did. Phew! If I'd gone to a proper athletics store, I would have received more guidance, but I probably would have spent a lot more money.

On the talking-to-people front, aside from saving myself the embarrassment of unintentionally working out in long underwear, there's not much (good) to report. Tomorrow!
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