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I gave The Slideshow tonight to Uncle Shane and Aunt Shirley. (It's a shorter version of the abridged collection available here. I'll be leaving the online collection as it is, though - it's currently just fine for browsing piecemeal and contains some things that I found painful to cut.)

The Good News: It held interest. It wasn't nearly so onerous as I thought it would be. I will probably be keeping the slideshow as it is now. I had a notepad available to write down photos Uncle Shane might have figured that I could toss, and I never once needed to use it. The images and videos looked great on the TV. It really brought things to life - Aunt Shirley testified it was like being there, and that she wished I was her teacher.

The Bad News: It's three hours long. =)

The solution, therefore, is to split it into two 90-minute chunks. I had some misgivings about this - people will agree to sit down for a slideshow out of politeness, but there's no way you're going to get more than lip service for a second sitting unless it's damn good. I'm confident now, though.

So this is an albatross off my back. Of course, I never made up slideshows for Alberta, Poland, and Ukraine, and I probably should have. Maybe someday - now that everything will fit easily on a laptop harddrive, (and the fact that I have a laptop) makes a show feasible now where it wasn't then. I also think that more people have expressed interest in Japan than Poland and Ukraine.

Will's Japan Slideshow: Coming soon to a S-Video-equipped living-room television set near you.
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