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Election '08: Exit Polls

Here's something interesting - the New York Times has a great exit poll graph that shows how McCain and Obama did among each category of voter.

Obama lost among whites, 43% to 55%. But this is actually normal for Democratic candidates - Clinton also got 43% in 1996, and only 39% in 1992, although Ross Perot was in that one. Man, I was rooting for Perot. Having a ridiculously rich apolitical leader isn't necessarily bad - in the best situation, it could mean that nobody could buy him off!

Obama won among blacks, 95% to 4%. But Gore and Mondale each got 90%, too. Still, being a black Republican in this election must have been a lonely person to be. I am simultaneously gratified to see African-USAmericans celebrating and also glad that there were a few proud and - let's face it - gutsy McCain supporters.

The Asians didn't really get behind Clinton, yet the numbers have been trending Democrat since 1992 (starting at 31% for Clinton), and now 62% have voted for Obama. The Hispanics have been holding steadyish in the 50%-60% range.

But where Obama really cleaned up wasn't a race category at all - he got a whopping 69% of first-time voters, by far the most ever since data was kept for that category. They make up 11% of all voters, as they did in 2004. This could be the group that put Obama in the White House.

Oh, and we Canadians have to eat some crow - our turnout at our own election was 59%. For the USAmericans'? 64%! Their highest turnout in more than 50 years, and the first turnout greater than ours for perhaps the first time in living memory.


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