William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

118. A'precio may appreciate reservations...

Well, I made it to Hiroshima, and I got to Temples 87 and 86 on the way. I saw a bit of Takamatsu and a teeny bit of Okayama as well.

I'm at what is possibly the best cybercafe I've yet seen. Unfortunately, all of the cubicles are booked for the night, so I can't really sleep here. I bought an hour here in the gaming room so that I could orient myself and find the other cybercafe. I've still got almost thirty minutes left, so there's time for another ice cream, and then perhaps a coffee.

If I'd known it'd be packed, I would have booked it straight here after Temple 86 instead of taking the long layover to see Takamatsu. This place offers a 12 hour package - and a 9 hour instead of the usual 8 - and the night rates kick in at 9:00pm. Where were you in Tokyo?! So I'd still reccomend this place (A'precio), but come early.
Tags: cybercafes, hiroshima, japan, travel
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