William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

Post Post-tropical Storm Noël

Well, holy crap, eh?

There are still over 100,000 Nova Scotians without power; CBC showed footage of a pwned transmission line serving Clayton Park, so Halagonians are far from immune.

CBC TV put on a half-hour special starting at noon, with great footage and information, although you wonder how much of the intended audience are able to see it!

Well, I know this: Around here, you don't just get any Juan storm, you get storms like Noël other.

No, I know this isn't any laughing matter. For Juan, we were without power for nine days straight and 13 total. Some had it even worse; two weeks was not unheard of. As I said at the time when I finally got back to class (with the aid of showers at SMU's The Tower fitness centre), it was serious enough that I couldn't make Juan joke about it.

But now I can, because I have electricity. =)

~ Will
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