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A massive photos update is now available, including a new collection (Fall '06, Winter '07) and many more photos in Summer 2006 - PEI, especially covering an end-of-summer overnight roadtrip up west to Mill River. Of interest to Twelfth Nighters will be a few new photos in the set "Twelfth Night: Preparations," from Games Night and the Dress Rehearsal. They're not much, but they're new.

There's more to come, including photos from between January and August 2006, which is still a black hole. Not to mention that many of the Halifax photo sets have incomplete tags and are lacking descriptions for individual photos. I'll deal with that tomorrow if I can, before chomping into Spring and Summer 2006.

And then...


But I need to get everything else out of the way first. <shudders> Ukraine. Augh. Why do I take so goshdarned many pictures, anyway? =) The good news is that I got halfway through sorting my Ukraine photos this past summer, so it's not as bad as starting from scratch.
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