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April Snowstorms Bring May Showers Bring June Flowers

A beautiful day! In fact, a day of irreconcilable qualities: the night before, we had six inches of snow - today, I shovelled it while thinking about The Masters, listening to a Blue Jays game (in which the Blue Jays defeat Tampa Bay 6-3), hearing commercials for gardening and outdoor barbeques while I laboured with the white stuff under the cheery sunshine.

Tonight's new photos:
Twelfth Night: Preparation
Twelfth Night: Night #2
Twelfth Night: Closing Night
Twelfth Night: Closing Party
(the Twelfth Night photos are also part of a new collection, SMUDS: Twelfth Night)

and... April Snowstorms Bring May Showers Bring June Flowers

Also, I have a new clip to offer - our very last time chanting "Oh Baby Oh," - Dayna's good-luck chant that we screamed before each and every show. =)
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