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I honestly don't know which way is up with this thing. In general, Ubuntu looks like a very smooth and user-friendly operating system. In specifics, I can't get it to work the way I want it to.

First, I can't get the touchpad to stop tap-to-clicking. I hate that feature, and I always have it turned off. In Windows it's as simple as right-clicking the appropriate system tray icon and unchecking tap-to-click.

Ubuntu is more complicated. I can't find any trackpad setting in the GUI, and online resources refer me to editing a configuration file. Hey, I can handle that, right? So I bring up the file. But it's read-only. Everything on the entire drive is read-only. What gives?

Hmm, maybe it's a matter of permissions. I right-click on the drive icon and go in and look at the settings. I switch a box from "read only" to "read-write." Oh, but then it says I can't. There's no explanation or anything; I just can't change it.

Great, what am I suppposed to do now?

I'm also missing about 47GB of hard disk space; I intended it to be a FAT32 partition for general data, and I thought I was setting it up as such in GParted when I was installing Ubuntu. But I remember that the installer jumped up a few times and said, "Hey there's no file system here!" (And I'm like, "PUT ONE THERE IT'S YOUR JOB!") The first time I saw it, I did go back, but I had to do absolutely every step of the installation all over again.


Oh, and the display setting - geez, I don't even know how to change that. I need to switch to a widescreen setting in order to get away from these black sidebars. I don't mind them in small doses, but working in them all the time would be absurd.

Suddenly Windows doesn't seem so bad after all. At least there I know how everything works. This is going to be a much, much steeper learning curve than I thought, especially if I can't even get write permission to change my configuration files as indicated by a plethora of resources.

It looks like Chris from that camp will be calling me in less than 30 minutes. I'd better switch to an environment where I have some confidence! =)
Tags: operating systems, partitioning, permissions, ubuntu, windows
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