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I’ve recently finished Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. It was a great book, but it was surprisingly short. It’s been said that it’s better to receive it as a “part one,” and I agree.

You know those times when you’re writing a capsule review and then someone phones you with heartbreaking news?

Prince was, despite its frequent treads on the paths of the darkness inherent in everyone, a very funny and heart-warming book. There was one particular instance when (minor spoiler ahead) Slughorn gave a brief eulogy to Aragog. You’ll have to read that far to see what I mean. I had to put the book down, I was laughing so hard.

Before long, I reached the end, both of the book and the currently available Harry Potter titles. Now I am a Harrywin addict without a fix. How long will it be until Book 7? Years, maybe! This is terrible!

But imagine how it would be if I hadn’t taken it up so recently? My wait will be nothing compared to the waits of true long-time fans between volumes of the series.

I can’t concentrate on this anymore. I’ll be back later with the report from de-briefing in Montréal.
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